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Your easy graphical overview of site visits.

You can see statistics or see a graphical display of which pages each visitor sees and how they progress on your website.
How the user came to your pages and whether it is repeat visits. Repeated visits show if you have loyal customers and fans.

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Try lessto analytics for free in 14 days.

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When using lessto Analytics in your webshop, you can see when customers put items in the basket and follow whether it turns into an order.
With lessto analytics integrated on your site, you can follow all page views, press buttons, menus and maps.
It is important to see if your pages are indexed by google and other search engines.

Is there only interest from your country or is it from abroad that visits come from?
The most visited pages are the ones you need to optimize as much as possible.

Maybe you need to make links to the pages you want to be visited, instead of the ones that are at the top.

Try lessto analytics for free in 14 days.

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A QR code can be the path from your customer's computer to your customer's phone. When the customer is working at the desktop computer, there is no way to get your information to the mobile, the QR code solves this.
The fact that the customer has your company as a contact on the phone gives a much greater chance that you are the one they call.

QR codes page

lessto Analytics can be used from both computer and phone.

Phone is used for a quick look and on the computer it is easy to go all the way down to the individual page visits.
lessto analytics focuses on visits from your own country.
It is easy to switch between the graphical display of your countrys page visits, foreign visits or to display both at the same time.

Statistics are divided into your country and foreign views.

Everything is easily and clearly displayed on a single page.
Simple menu from your phone or computer.
It's quick to see today's visit when it just fits in.

Seeing a visitor / customer's page visit and behavior provides a unique opportunity to see how others view your site, it is many times quite different from what you had planned.

Visitors often do not get to the front page, they find something exciting on Google and go directly to a subpage. You can use this information to make the most visited pages razor-sharp and spend less time on pages that are rarely visited.
In lessto analytics, you can use the autologin from your bookmark, so it is super quick to see today's visit.
Plain page or webshop
The graphical view with colored boxes, makes it easy to see where your visits come from.

Purple = Payed visitor.
Orange = Search engine (google,Yahoo etc)
Blue = Direct from bookmark, entered or from a link on a webpage.
Lightgreen = In your webshop, an item has been added to cart.

The more serius colors:
Lightblue = visit from a friendly bot.
Red = visit from a harmful bot.
Wordpress or custom site.
When you create a user in lessto analytics, you get access to a wordpress and woocommerce plugin that is very easy to install.

Do you have a specially designed page created in PHP, C # or java we also have code that can be quickly added to the header.

It only takes 10 minutes to setup lessto analytics to save visits from your website and we are happy to help make the technique work.
How it works.
Every time someone visits your page, a message is sent to lessto analytics.

We store IP address, how they found your page, what they click on and what browser they use. It allows us to see which city they are most likely to come from, whether it is a bot or a real user and whether they are using a computer, Ipad, phone or something else.

lessto analytics receives page visits quickly and does not slow down your site.

No personal sensitive information is stored in lessto analytics, so we can't see who your users are, just what city they were in when they visited your page.
Nice bots
A bot is a computer program that reads your page and stores all links, images and texts. It's really smart as they make it possible to search and find your site.

If you use Google Analytics, you probably know users who are referred to as referrals, which are bots that Google has not yet removed from the statistics.

But what are the bots doing that Google doesn't show? In lessto analytics you can choose to display all visits from bots. The vast majority are sweet and help find your pages.

However, there are quite a few who are not very sweet.
Add to cart bots.
lessto analytics marks suspicious behavior in a red box.

The worst bots attack your webshop and put your items in the basket again and again.

We have seen examples of bots putting items in the basket each 4 seconds. It can stand on for days with bots from all over the world. This means that all your goods are sold out and there is no sale.

Pretty disastrous, but very easy to block.
Nyhedsletter bots.
Lots of bots will find your newsletter and sign up to a myriad of email addresses.

It is bad because your newsletters can be marked as spam and that you can get into trouble with the European GDPR legislation.

This problem is actually quite easy to solve.
Hacker bots.
Many bots are looking for security holes in your site. They find logon pages, pages from your backend and see if you have any old plugins with known holes and back doors.

If you always keep your site up to date, they will not cause major problems, but they will come in first, you have been hacked.

Registration of bots.
lessto analytics uses the website htts: //lessto.dk/puppiesandkittens.php to find bots.

Bots often try to hide between normal traffic to your website, but with the graphical overview it is incredibly easy to see with human eyes that something is wrong. It is not a person who visits your site.

lessto analytics often shows more visits than Google analytics, because it is us at lessto who mark visits as bots according to the behavior we can see and not a computer routine.

You can easily use Google analytics at the same time as lessto analytics.
Blocking of bad bots.
With the wordpress plugin you get in lessto analytics, you can block BOTS from putting items in the cart.

These attacks add lots of items from your webshop to the cart. This means that your items suddenly look like sold out and no one can buy anything.

Tick "Block Bots from Bots" and known BOTS cannot put items in the basket. Simple and easy.

If you have a website that doesn't use woocommerce, we also have code to stop these attacks,


Try lessto analytics for free in 14 days.

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Try lessto analytics for free in 14 days.

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