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Dynamic QR codes with click tracking and scanning.

A QR code can be the path from your customer's computer to your customer's phone. When the customer is working at the desktop computer, there is no way to get your information to the mobile, the QR code solves this.
The fact that the customer has your company as a contact on the phone gives a much greater chance that you are the one they call.

Do you want a talk about QR codes?

    Options for content of QR code in lessto Analytics.

    • Contact card
    • Go to link
    • Send mail
    • Call this phone no.
    • Show address on Google maps
    • Create calender appointment
    • QR kode in your mail signature
    • QR kode on your website
    • Dynamisk QR kode on quote, order or invoice as PDF or on real paper.

    On all QR types, you can choose to receive an email when your customers scan or press the QR code. It allows you to have the invoice on the screen the moment the customer calls. Via a dynamic QR code, the email will contain a link to the customer's invoice in your ERP system. Quotation / Order / Invoice can be displayed with a single click in the email.

    Example of a QR Contact card. It works both with click/finger on the computer and scanning on the mobile.

    The QR code allows you to save us as a contact on your PC, press the code and select save.
    Scan the code with your mobile camera and remember to save. Then you have us as a contact on your mobile.

    It is also possible to set a button on PC / phone for direct access. Can be controlled with CSS. Save as contact

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    Example of an email when the customer has clicked on a QR code with your company phone number.
    In lessto Analytics, you can view scans and click on QR codes along with user behavior on your site.
    Exampe of invoice with dynamic invoice no., it show's the no. of the scanned invoice.
    Mail for the scanned invoice.
    QR code that creates a contact on PC or mobile.
    QR code that links to your page.
    QR code that calls your company on the customer's mobile.
    QR code that sends an email with your company as the recipient.
    QR code showing a google map, with an address of your choice.
    QR code that creates an appointment in your customer's calendar.
    For all QR codes, you can choose to receive an email when scanning or pressing the code. In lessto Analytics, this information is stored at the same time as page views.

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